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Dr. Rob Katz has twelve years experience as an entrepreneur in the high-tech industry and ten years as a leadership coach and trainer. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNC, and a B.S from MIT, Rob is a visionary in the field of applying cognitive perception to computer graphics. He has applied his talents to bridge the gap between cognitive systems and the human factors that constitute peak performance. By creating a dynamic learning system that combines innovative thought processes with experiential learning modes, he assists people in developing their own innate talents in order to accomplish extraordinary results.

As the founder of WorldLegacy Inc., and GeekLeadership.com, Rob is sought after to lead seminars across the country, and he has personally worked with ten thousand people, including Fortune 100 executives, multi-millionaires, best-selling authors, and professional athletes. His mission in life is to empower people to live their dreams in a way that impacts not only their lives but also the lives of the communities around them.

Dr. Lori Todd is a visionary scientist, transformational coach, trainer, and artist. She is currently an Industrial Hygiene Consultant and an International Transformational Trainer and Coach.  She is a Director of Trainings at WorldLegacy in North Carolina.

Lori Todd has consulted for many industries, universities, and individuals on chemical exposure assessment and asbestos. Her teaching included students learning to work effectively in teams and in communicating effectively.  Dr. Todd’s work has centered on research to measure chemicals in air, where she developed a groundbreaking method called Environmental CAT Scanning. In 1994 President Clinton awarded her a Presidential Faculty Fellow award for her teaching and research, one of thirteen scientists in the US. Lori was a finalist for the Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation for her research in mapping harmful chemicals in air.  Lori spent several years evaluating chemical exposures of workers in Nike Corporation footwear factories in Thailand. She has over 40 peer-reviewed publications and chapters.

Lori Todd has developed many unique workshops and coaching tools for coaching corporate executives, high quality trainers and transformational coaches. In her work, Lori challenges people to risk and give like it is their last day and grow like they have forever.

WorldLegacy Healthy Living was inspired by graduates of WorldLegacy in Chapel Hill, NC.   For over 16 years, WorldLegacy has stood for people to be extraordinary in all aspects of their lives.  This coaching environment gives you the opportunity to dramatically shift your quality of life, including enjoyment, health, and impact in the world.

WorldLegacy offers an array of leadership trainings and breakthrough workshops that use a coaching, experiential adult learning model. Our mission is to empower you to live your dreams and, in doing so, to create extraordinary communities and organizations around you.  Graduates have a rich history of serving the community and empowering people to be their best. Essential to being a leader is having a rich and healthy life. This site concentrates on the domain of total health and wellness.  We are all biological, spiritual, psychological, emotional, and sexual beings.  Our health impacts all the facets of being a successful human being in the world.

This site is an opportunity for people to explore new ideas and perspectives on health, wellness, and fitness in a variety of disciplines and domains.  We welcome submissions of stories by graduates, non-graduates and professionals about your approaches and perspectives on health and wellness.  Any views presented here are those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily represent those of WorldLegacy.  The information contained in this site is general in nature and is not meant to substitute for the advice of a health professional.

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