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My healthy living experience today comes from “The Abundance and Prosperity” seminar I attended at the WorldLegacy in which I offered to DANCE at the end of the program. I was very nervous because I have not danced in more than 10 years! Frank my spouse does not dance so it seems NATURAL to have abandoned my PASSION!

Anyhow as a result of all these experiences and not to mention that every time one comes to WorldLegacy, the first thing we do is DANCE!

I am now a ZUMBA dance instructor! I am also a certified nutrition consultant and holistic health practitioner. I have lost about 3 sizes and take ballroom dance lessons 3 times a week.

Kirsten Tan, RDMS,RVT-HHP offers advice in wellness, fitness and nutrition to manage medically related issues such as obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases.
Kirsten is a graduate of WorldLegacy’s NC90 Leadership Program.

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