Energy Yoga, T’ai Chi and WorldLegacy

I began practicing energy yoga and T’ai Chi three years ago to heal my body.  After many years as an athlete and later in life, being more sedentary in my professional life, I was experiencing hip, knee and foot issues from running and working out.  I needed to find something that would improve my flexibility, strength and heal the aches and pains.

By chance, I found a Dahn Yoga center near my office and walked in.  It was different than most yoga centers in that it is a Korean based form.  The word dahn in Korean means energy.  I began one-on-one sessions with the center master and noticed after three months, a significant improvement in my body’s condition.  I also discovered a form of T’ai Chi called Dahn Mu Do, which translates to “the way of limitless energy or power”.  I began to focus on Dahn Mu Do fully for my training and my healing.  I loved it so much that I became a Dahn Master and now teach energy yoga and healing T’ai Chi to others.  I am now on my way to living my dream and fulfilling my life’s purpose.

I discovered that this practice and the WorldLegacy programs are so in tune with each other.  I discovered that I can push through my limitations and connect with my authentic true self simply by choosing to do so. I found a way to put into daily practice, the learning experiences from the programs.  The WorldLegacy  enabled me to be open to this training and to what has now become my way of living.

Thank you WorldLegacy.
WorldLegacy Graduate of NC 88 Leadership Program

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