WorldLegacy Trainer and Staying Healthy

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I am often asked how I stay healthy.

To be healthy I play games with myself.  I give myself short goals.  Walk for 15 minutes, go to the gym for 30 minutes, do 25 sit ups.  Many times I end up doing much more.  I find if I break down my goals into shorter pieces my mind says it is OK and even may end up doing more.  If I don’t exceed it, I don’t beat myself up, I am proud I did it.  People have asked my how I stay healthy during the WorldLegacy trainings.  Days before the trainings, mentally I get ready for a training through visualizations, and physically I prepare through eating well.  I also make my health shakes, ginger for tea, packets of vitamins, etc.  I have a ritual every morning where I exercise my voice, take my vitamins and food and clear my mind.  Many times I do EFT in the morning and evening to clear anything else during the trainings.  I also see a chiropractor/oriental medicine practitioner after every Breakthough training as well as an acupuncturist.

Lori Todd, PhD
Dr. Lori Todd is the senior coach at WorldLegacy and a Leadership and Advanced Trainer.  Lori has been coaching and leading transformational workshops since 1996, and leads trainings across the United States and Mexico.  She received a BS from Antioch College, MS from Cornell University, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In 1990, she became an Assistant Professor at UNC and, in 1994, President Clinton awarded her a Presidential Faculty Fellow award for her teaching and research, one of thirteen scientists in the US.  In 1995, Lori was a finalist for the Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation for her research in mapping harmful chemicals in air.  In addition to being a scientist, trainer and coach, Lori is an artist and animal lover.  See

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