Relationship Feedback Technique Larry Burk

The major teaching tool of our evolution has been the continuing experience of challenging relationships to which we have been drawn in spite of repeated failures in the past. The most important seven words in that process are not, “I love you,” “I love you, too,” but, “May I give you some feedback?” “Yes.” I learned the Relationship Feedback Technique during The WorldLegacy Leadership Program described in the November 2014 Let Magic Happen newsletter. The approach is demonstrated in a video on his site.

Relationship Feedback Technique

The steps are as follows:
1) Always ask permission to give feedback
2) Speak authentically from the heart
3) Share what wasn’t working
4) Acknowledge any breakdowns
5) Look for potential breakthroughs
6) Share what was working
7) Set intentions together for the future

See Larry Burk, Let Magic Happen Newsletter

Larry Burk Relationship Feedback WorldLegacy

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