WorldLegacy and Being Responsible

How I have used the WorldLegacy trainings to support my health

Using what I have learned through the WorldLegacy Basic, Advanced, Leadership, Staffing and Senioring has made a drastic impact on my health and how I view my health.  Because of the trainings at WorldLegacy I see the importance of being responsible for what my health looks like.  I also am getting that each moment is a new moment and that I can choose whatever I want in this moment no matter what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish yesterday or last week.

WorldLegacy and Being Responsible. I am learning to live in the present instead of being controlled by the thoughts, actions, and feelings of my past.  In the past when I would set an exercise or other health goal and not reach it, I’d give up.  I’d beat myself up mentally, make myself wrong, and wait (sometimes months) before setting another one.  Now, I am learning to acknowledge the broken commitment to myself, I recommit and set a new goal, ready to take action.

I’ve also learned from the trainings how important it is to stay connected to my picture of a healthy life.  When I am connected to that vision and picture of health, I am inspired to keep going, to get up when I fall down, but more importantly when I am connected to my picture of a healthy world I inspire the people around me to be healthy!

One very specific example of how I have used the trainings to support health is through the newest WorldLegacy training called Vision in Action (VIA).  I made a commitment to enroll at least 25 people to play a Little Healthy Competition related to their health.  The goal was for me to use the game to be more consistent with certain healthy habits and bring my awareness to this domain everyday for 8 weeks.  We have over 60 people playing our game with us, players scoring lots of health points for drinking water, taking their vitamins, getting preventative medical care, educating themselves on health, and supporting other around them to live healthy lifestyles.  I have been inspired by the players about what is possible in our families, workplaces, communities and in the world when we our health is a part of our life, not something separate we do.  NONE of this would have been possible without VIA and the coaching I have received through  this program.  I can’t wait to report back on all our final results!

Sarah Taylor
Leadership Graduate NC 110

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