WorldLegacy Trainings Supported Clearing Colitis

Shortly after my father died almost 8 years ago, I started to experience massive digestive and stomach issues, sometimes they were very debilitating to the point where I couldn’t stand or walk. At one point, I had to go the hospital it was so intense. After months of pain and suffering, a doctor told me that I had ulcerative colitis (a colon disease) and that it was incurable, but with 9 pills a day for the rest of my life, I can minimize its impact on me. I wasn’t so happy given I hate medication, and I hate being sick in any way. So, I started taking the pills, and the issue maintained somewhat, and I got used to living with pain and discomfort on a regular basis. This was in 2003.

In October of 2004, I came and did the WorldLegacy trainings on the recommendation of my business partner. While I was at WorldLegacy, I was in the midst of the worst bout of issues I had experienced since the onset of the disease, however, something miraculous happened. As I started to actually open up (I was a bit resistant to going to the WorldLegacy workshops at first, but went because I trusted my business partner), and I started to allow myself to see things from different perspectives, the pain, discomfort, and issues cleared up, and when I was in the WorldLegacy Advanced Course, I was so into the training, I actually forgot to take most of medication over the course of the five days, and I felt like a million dollars. I decided that I was going to just stop taking the medications, and see what happened.

Six years later, haven’t had a pill since October of 2004. I have no issues, no pain, no suffering, no discomfort whatsoever. Since my new found openness to different ideas and possibilities, I did something I never would have done before, I looked up colitis in a book about how mind and health are connected. The book says that colitis is caused mentally by our fear of letting something go that is already gone. My issues started 2 weeks after my father died. One of my biggest moments because of the trainings was truly allowing myself to grieve over the loss of my father and actually let go of him.  Add it all up, and it makes perfect sense to me why I had a health issue, and why I stopped having a health issue. WorldLegacy supported clearing colitis.

Jeffrey Buck
Leadership Graduate

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