Metaphysical Approach to Wellness

by Disease, Professionals

I have been a massage therapist since 2005 and a Reiki Master since 2006. I am located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

My approach to wellness for my clients is meta-physical.  All aspects of the person must be included.  We are creators and therefore not only manifest of our experiences but most importantly what we think (especially sub-consciously).  All of this has a direct affect on our health.

I have a client-friend who is in the process of healing Huntington’s Chorea. We worked together for approximately one year, doing Reiki, Massage, Energy Work and Journeying. During her healing process, she came to understand that hopelessness was the major emotional state affecting her life. She enrolled in the WorldLegacy trainings, as I believed that this would be the technology that would give her the ability to breakthrough the hopelessness and have the life that has been waiting for her.

At her last doctor’s appointment, she was showing negligible signs of Huntington’s, whereas one year earlier, she was told that she was declining at a rapid rate and that she should set up a DNR and could no longer live alone.

Jeannine Vautrin WorldLegacy NC 96 Leadership Program

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