Lori Todd:  Being Right or Be in Shape

Being Right sometimes is fleetingly satisfying.  However, being right is the booby prize.  I can be right or be healthy, be right or be in shape, be right or have the relationships, success and satisfaction we want.  Being a WorldLegacy trainer I should know better than choosing to be right!.  Being right doesn’t improve my life.  I “should” know better.  But lately I haven’t.

I have been being right about personal trainers and health clubs.  My health club closed so I had to travel one hour round trip.  I traveled because my trainer of five years was at the new location;  and I had a great trainer.  Then my trainer got resigned about the training business and quit and left!
So I started to be right about the commute and stopped going to the club.
I was annoyed but I  finally bit the bullet and joined a new club near my house.  I still gave myself the right to be annoyed.
I looked for a new trainer, which annoyed me more.  “I shouldn’t have to, I had a great trainer and he should have stayed in the business.”

Two trainers in a row missed their appointments with me.  Now I had more evidence  to be right.  So I stopped going to the club and complained about how people do not live their word.  I even thought, never another health club membership.  I even rationalized it by seeing all the money I was saving by not having a personal trainer.  I even thought of canceling my membership.

I can be right or be in shape.  So this morning I went back to the gym, got on the equipment and worked out.  Tomorrow morning I get to do it again.
And then I will hire a new personal trainer.  And I am sure after awhile, I will say he or she is the best trainer I ever had.  If I am going to be right, it might as well be about some good stuff.

I knew this.  As a WorldLegacy trainer and student of transformation, I of course should know better.  But then, being right is a cultural conversation.  It just doesn’t work.

Dr. Lori Todd is the senior coach at WorldLegacy  and a Leadership and Advanced Trainer.  Lori has been coaching and leading transformational workshops since 1996, and leads trainings across the United States and Mexico.  She received a BS from Antioch College, MS from Cornell University, and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  In 1990, she became an Assistant Professor at UNC and, in 1994, President Clinton awarded her a Presidential Faculty Fellow award for her teaching and research, one of thirteen scientists in the US.  In 1995, Lori was a finalist for the Discover Magazine Award for Technological Innovation for her research in mapping harmful chemicals in air.  In addition to being a scientist, trainer and coach, Lori is an artist and animal lover.  Dr. Lori Todd is also committed to transforming the technical world with her new company, Geek Leadership.

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