Healing PTSD after Car Accidents Larry Burk

Do you have stress-related symptoms after a car accident or does anyone you know? Over 2 million serious accidents happen in the United States each year with up to one half resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Survivors of crashes may suffer for many...

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Energy Psychology and EFT

Energy Psychology is a relatively new field that uses physical and cognitive methods to support people in permanently and quickly shifting unwanted emotional and behavioral states. The technique combine Eastern approaches to the mind and body with Western psychology...

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Energy Yoga, T’ai Chi and WorldLegacy

I began practicing energy yoga and T'ai Chi three years ago to heal my body.  After many years as an athlete and later in life, being more sedentary in my professional life, I was experiencing hip, knee and foot issues from running and working out.  I needed to find...

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WorldLegacy Graduate Stays Healthy With Busy Lifestyle

How do you stay healthy when you are always on the go? Betsy Jordan One of the challenges/opportunities I'm having is to balance working driving many miles, and staying healthy. I've been doing some things that I never thought I would, like packing my lunch, parking...

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