Relationship Feedback Technique Larry Burk

The major teaching tool of our evolution has been the continuing experience of challenging relationships to which we have been drawn in spite of repeated failures in the past. The most important seven words in that process are not, “I love you,” “I love you, too,”...

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WorldLegacy Therapy as Mind Yoga

Ownership and Empowerment As a licensed clinical social worker, I provide counseling to adolescents, adults, families, and couples. My work is focused on meeting an individual wherever he or she may be in life and assisting them through periods of change and growth in...

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“The sooner you decide that it is alright to believe the opposite of what the masses do, and that it is alright to trust the universe, and you choose to be happy rather than be right, the sooner you will be happy.” ― Malti Bhojwani

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Lori Todd Be Right or Be in Shape

Lori Todd:  Being Right or Be in Shape Being Right sometimes is fleetingly satisfying.  However, being right is the booby prize.  I can be right or be healthy, be right or be in shape, be right or have the relationships, success and satisfaction we want.  Being...

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WorldLegacy Trainer and Staying Healthy

I am often asked how I stay healthy. To be healthy I play games with myself.  I give myself short goals.  Walk for 15 minutes, go to the gym for 30 minutes, do 25 sit ups.  Many times I end up doing much more.  I find if I break down my goals into shorter pieces my...

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WorldLegacy and Being Responsible

How I have used the WorldLegacy trainings to support my health Using what I have learned through the WorldLegacy Basic, Advanced, Leadership, Staffing and Senioring has made a drastic impact on my health and how I view my health.  Because of the trainings at...

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How Self-Talk Affects Stress

Most people carry on silent conversations with themselves during much of the day. These internal dialogues influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior. Understanding self-talk and how it affects you is the first step in learning how to rewrite your self-talk...

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